Jan 19 2012

Boys & Girls Training

This week, the Dignitas team has been thrilled to host students from St. James, Mercy Care Centre, and Mathare Community Outreach Joy for a boys and girls training. Though our work is primarily focused on teachers, our hearts are ultimately focused on the impact improving education in Mathare has on the children. We’ve enjoyed the change in the office, hearing the voices of children singing songs and watching them line up for chai and meals.

The boys and girls training supports the formation of boys and girls forums in marginalized schools. These forums give students a safe space to talk about physical and emotional changes they are undergoing, develop life and economic skills, and encourage leadership and participation in education. As Program Assistant Rose Kavuli describes it, “If the club is strong in a school, it’s a club that airs out student voices and factors in their thoughts.”

We often talk about children as the leaders of tomorrow but this is a powerful opportunity to start today, where it matters. In a community that is traditionally seen as marginalized, trainings such as these and forums are important for empowering children and enabling them to take ownership of their communities as leaders.

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Eugenia holds a B.A. in anthropology from Tufts University and has a passion for education, social entrepreneurship, and alleviating urban poverty. She has studied and worked with HIV-positive women in Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya; home-based businesses in Dharavi in Mumbai, India; and conducted a school mapping project for Dignitas Project in 2010. She has experience in community and grassroots organizing, researching various issues in informal settlements, and believes strongly in Dignitas Project's mission of developing teachers and leaders of the Mathare Valley community.

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